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Murmuring in His Ear, She Told Him a Story..... - sexie sexie stories

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March 11th, 2007

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12:46 pm - Murmuring in His Ear, She Told Him a Story.....
Something I came up with this morning.

I'm afraid I didn't tell you the whole thing, she said. When I'm alone and think about you, there is so much more to it than just one moment. When I slide slick fingers over my clit there are so many images....it starts with how you smell. I remember straddling you, leaning into your neck and chest and inhaling. You're scent is so rich, so heady, it makes me damp, she said. Whenever I hug you, I breathe you in to remind me. I remember that smell, filling my head, fueling desires already on fire. I remember the way you taste...the way your lips are so soft against mine but firm, insistent, your tongue, playing with mine, your hand touching the side of my face, the back of my head, pulling me into your mouth. I'm so hungry for you then, she murmured, I almost come. I pull my fingers back to wait, there's so much more for later. I remember sliding my mouth onto you, oh god, how much of your scent lies there. I remain amazed at the softness of the skin combined with that HARDNESS, thrusting into my mouth, feeding me, sliding back and forth, your hands grasping my hair, the sounds coming from you then, panting, gasping. You feel so good in my mouth I don't want to stop, I want to devour you forever, but then, I remember your mouth on me. That gorgeous tongue, soft and wet, pulling growls and gasps from me, unbidden, sliding all over my cunt, my clit...I remember coming then. I remember my surprise and yours and me thinking, oh god, again, oh please, oh please, again. And when I no longer want to wait, when I'm breathing hard and rolling on the sheets, fingers soaked, on me and in me, that is when I remember....your head on my breast, mouth on my nipple. Oooh, they're so sensitive, god yes, thank you and then your hand, so hot it's on fire, running that electric heat up my thigh and sliding fingers into me. So fast, hard, and then moving inside me. It was fast then slow, then rubbing, then pumping me. Your mouth on me, teasing, making it so much more delicious, then your mouth pulls off me, just barely enough that I can still feel your breath on my nipple, hand still in me, working me and then I hear you. A litany, a constant stream of "yesbabycomeonthat'sitcomeonmecomeforme" and I know what you want, I know you want me to, I know you want to MAKE me and your hand so fast and hard in me and god I'm coming again. I grab the sheets with my free hand and almost scream, gasping, my fingers aching, my clit aching, so delicious and you in my head, murmuring into my breast, your hand inside me, so good, so fucking good.
That is what I remember, she said, and what I do not remember, I create.
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Date:March 11th, 2007 06:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I haven't been inspired to do anything like this in a while. :)

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