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March 11th, 2007

12:46 pm - Murmuring in His Ear, She Told Him a Story.....
Something I came up with this morning.

just_in_case_you're_at_workCollapse )
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February 4th, 2004

11:10 am - My First Offering

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December 6th, 2003

09:32 am - SInce applause isn't an option...
I cannot emphasize this enough.

If you read someone's story and enjoy it, PLEASE make sure to comment. The only way to keep this kind of community vital is encouragement...it takes guts to let other people read your writing, and it is especially scary to put out for the group something of this intimate nature.

Give our writers some love! And keep posting...we are getting some amazing stuff already!
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December 5th, 2003

02:37 pm - A request from a Moderator.
Please LJ Cut your entries, as they can get quite lengthy (as of course they should).

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December 2nd, 2003

10:43 pm - test
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